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Workers’ Compensation for Head Injuries in Los Angeles: What You Need to Know

Head injuries in the workplace can be severe and life-altering, with long-lasting effects that may impair an individual’s ability to work and perform daily activities. For workers in Los Angeles who suffer head injuries while on the job, understanding the intricacies of workers’ compensation claims is crucial. In this guide, we’ll cover the essentials of navigating workers’ compensation for head injuries in Los Angeles, with insights from the experienced team at the Koszdin, Fields & Sherry, a leading firm specializing in workers’ compensation.

Recognizing the Seriousness of Head Injuries

Head injuries can range from slight concussions to serious traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The symptoms may include headaches, confusion, dizziness, vision problems, and, in more severe cases, changes in cognitive functions and physical abilities. These injuries may occur due to falls, impacts from objects, or accidents involving machinery, which are frequent in sectors like construction and manufacturing, among others.

The Importance of Immediate Action

Immediate medical attention is critical after sustaining a head injury. Not only is this vital for the health and recovery of the injured worker, but medical records also play a crucial role in the workers’ compensation claim process. In Los Angeles, as in other jurisdictions, the documentation of the injury, the circumstances under which it occurred, and the medical treatment received are all essential components in establishing the legitimacy of a claim.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation for Head Injuries

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to provide benefits to injured employees, including medical expenses and wage replacement. Due to the nature of the injuries and the potential for long-term or permanent effects, the complexity of the claim can increase in the case of head injuries.

Employees typically have the right to workers’ compensation regardless of who is to blame for the injury. Yet, the claims process can be complex, particularly when contending with insurers who might be hesitant to fully recognize the impact of a head injury.

Legal Guidance from Koszdin, Fields & Sherry

Turning to a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer in Los Angeles can immensely benefit those seeking to navigate the complexities of workers’ compensation claims in Los Angeles. Koszdin, Fields & Sherry has been a formidable advocate for injured workers across Los Angeles for many years. Their expertise in handling claims involving head injuries is particularly noteworthy.

Why Choose Koszdin, Fields & Sherry?


  1. Experience and Specialization: With a deep understanding of workers’ compensation’s legal and medical aspects, the attorneys at the Koszdin, Fields & Sherry are well-equipped to handle the intricacies of head injury cases.


  1. Comprehensive Support: From the initial consultation to the resolution of a claim, they provide extensive support, ensuring that clients are well-informed and prepared for each step.


  1. Negotiation and Litigation Skills: Whether negotiating with workers’ compensation insurers or representing clients in hearings if a claim is disputed, their lawyers possess the negotiation and litigation skills to advocate effectively for their clients.

Steps to Take if You’ve Suffered a Head Injury at Work

  1. Seek Immediate Medical Treatment: Prioritize your health and establish a medical record documenting your injury and treatment.

  2. Report the Injury: Report the injury to your employer and how it occurred, as timely reporting is critical to the success of your claim.

  3. Consult with a Lawyer: Consider consulting with a workers’ comp lawyer to help guide you through the claim process and to advocate on your behalf.

  4. Gather and Organize Documentation: Collect all relevant documents, including medical records, a record of missed work days, and any correspondence related to the injury.

  5. Follow Through With All Medical Advice and Appointments: Demonstrating that you are following medical advice and actively seeking to recover can impact the outcome of your claim.



Navigating workers’ compensation claims for head injuries in Los Angeles requires a clear understanding of legal rights and procedures. Injured workers can ensure they receive the compensation they deserve with the help of a specialized firm like the Koszdin, Fields & Sherry, allowing them to focus on their recovery and rehabilitation. For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit their website at the Koszdin, Fields & Sherry

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