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Transform Your Look with Moissanite Jewelry Purchased Online

If you want to enhance your style and make a statement, consider investing in moissanite jewelry. These beautiful gems deliver amazing sparkle and are much more affordable than traditional diamonds. Plus, buying them online adds even more benefits, such as convenience, variety, and customization options. Here’s how to find and buy moissanite jewelry online.

What is Moissanite?

Discovered by French scientist Henri Moissan in 1893, moissanite is a rare mineral composed mainly of silicon carbide. Initially mistaken for diamonds because of their striking similarities, moissanite eventually proved to possess better optical properties, giving it more fire and brilliance. Nowadays, most moissanite used in jewelry production is created in laboratories, providing customers with a socially responsible and cost-effective alternative to mined diamonds.

Reasons to Prefer Moissanite Over Diamonds

Here are several factors that make moissanite an appealing choice compared to diamonds:

  • Price – Moissanite usually costs less than diamonds, making it accessible to those seeking an elegant yet reasonably priced option.

  • Hardness – Similar to diamonds, moissanite ranks near the top of Mohs Scale of Hardness, guaranteeing resistance to scratches and damages.

  • Environmental Impact – Since moissanite is mostly made in laboratories, it leaves a smaller carbon footprint and reduces negative ecological effects related to mining operations.

  • Conflict-free Source – Unlike some diamonds tainted by association with civil wars, child labor, or exploitation, moissanite offers peace of mind knowing that it isn’t linked to human rights abuses.

How to Buy Moissanite Jewelry Online

Buying moissanite jewelry online involves selecting a trusted vendor and being well-informed about the product itself. Here are five steps to follow for a successful online shopping experience:

 Find Reliable Vendors

Start by searching for established and reputable sellers. Pay attention to customer testimonials, awards received, and years in business. Credible websites will feature easy navigation, comprehensive descriptions, and safe transaction methods. Steer clear of suspicious sites lacking transparency and professionalism.

Learn About Quality Grading Systems

Just like diamonds, moissanite has its own set of grading criteria, including color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Educate yourself on standard evaluation scales, such as GIA’s Diamond Grading System, to effectively assess moissanite quality across brands and vendors. Although moissanite normally displays minimal hue, inclusions can appear due to imperfections during development. Opt for lower inclusion grades to enjoy improved light reflection and longer lasting beauty.

Get Proper Size Measurements

Accuracy matters when ordering ring settings or bracelets. Make use of readily available size charts on vendor websites, but remember that slight discrepancies between sources may exist. When possible, double check dimensions through hands-on comparison with existing jewelry owned by family members or friends. Alternatively, seek assistance from local jewelers offering complimentary ring gauges.

Review Refund and Exchange Policies

Although unlikely, sometimes returns happen due to dissatisfaction or errors. Prioritize vendors with lenient and clearly stated refund/exchange terms. Note potential handling and shipping expenses, along with deadlines required for valid claims. Communicating directly with sales representatives helps clarify expectations and establishes rapport.

Insure Your New Jewelry

Protection plans guard against unexpected incidents leading to loss, theft, or damage. Explore options provided by either renters/homeowners policies or dedicated insurers covering valuable possessions. Professional appraisals determine market worth needed for claim settlements. Periodic cleanings maintain optimum appearances while reinforcing confidence in your new accessories.

Best Places to Buy Moissanite Jewelry Online

There are plenty of great places to shop for moissanite jewelry online. Below are our top recommendations:

Brilliant Earth 

Popular for sustainable and conflict-free fine jewelry, Brilliant Earth carries a wide range of moissanite pieces, including engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, and wedding bands. Their commitment to social responsibility makes them an outstanding choice.

Charles & Colvard 

Recognized as a trailblazer in moissanite jewelry creation, Charles & Colvard delivers exquisite craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge innovation. Expect superb quality and versatile styles tailored to suit individual preferences.

Moissanite Co.

Focused exclusively on moissanite, Moissanite Co. distinguishes itself with competitive prices, bespoke designs, and lifetime warranties. Trustworthy service and authentic products await discerning buyers.

James Allen

Praised for immersive 360° display capabilities, James Allen enables close-up exploration of every detail prior to purchase. Virtual sessions with experienced advisors assist decision-making processes, assuring satisfaction guaranteed.

Blue Nile

Home to expansive selections backed by consumer opinions, Blue Nile empowers smart choices with insightful insights and objective data. Loose stones and customizable settings allow creative expression for memorable acquisitions.


In summary, embracing moissanite jewelry purchased online leads to remarkable savings, abundant options, and distinctive looks worthy of admiration. Equip yourself with requisite knowledge and stick to proven strategies for stress-free acquisition journeys culminating in radiant outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is moissanite a suitable substitute for diamonds?

Absolutely! Moissanite shares similar characteristics with diamonds, such as durability, brilliance, and price point, making it a desirable alternative.

Will my moissanite lose its lustrous shine?

Rest assured, moissanite maintains its captivating glow forever under typical conditions. Its structure remains unaffected by daily activities, unlike cubic zirconia, which tends to dull over time.

Do genuine moissanite specimens exist naturally?

Indeed, pure moissanite occurs sparingly in nature, predominantly inside meteorites. Modern commercial availability stems largely from controlled laboratory growth techniques.

Can extreme heat harm moissanite?

Temperatures surpassing roughly 1800 degrees Fahrenheit risk damaging moissanite. Normal situations don’t expose jewelry to such intense heat, posing no threat.


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