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Saputara’s Local Culture

Nestled in the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats, Saputara is a picturesque hill station that exudes charm and tranquility. Known for its lush green landscapes, serene lakes, and stunning viewpoints, Saputara is also a cultural treasure trove. The rich and vibrant local culture of Saputara is a significant attraction for tourists who seek to immerse themselves in the traditions and customs of the region. This blog explores the fascinating local culture of Saputara, highlighting its unique aspects and providing insights into the experiences that await visitors. Whether you are considering Saputara Tour Packages or specifically looking for Saputara Tour Packages from Ahmedabad, this guide will help you appreciate the cultural essence of this beautiful hill station.

The Tribes of Saputara

Saputara is home to the Dangi tribe, an indigenous community with a rich cultural heritage. The Dangi people have preserved their age-old traditions, customs, and rituals, offering a glimpse into a way of life that has remained relatively untouched by modern influences. Visitors can witness traditional dances, music, and festivals that showcase the tribe’s cultural heritage.

One of the most popular traditional dances of the Dangi tribe is the Dangi Nritya. Performed during festivals and special occasions, this dance is characterized by rhythmic movements and vibrant costumes. The music that accompanies the dance is equally captivating, with traditional instruments such as the dhol, shehnai, and flute creating a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Festivals and Celebrations

Saputara’s cultural calendar is dotted with various festivals that reflect the local customs and traditions. These festivals provide a wonderful opportunity for tourists to participate in and experience the local culture firsthand.

Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Saputara. The Dangi tribe adds its unique touch to the celebrations with traditional dances and songs. Another significant festival is Diwali, the festival of lights, where the entire hill station is illuminated with oil lamps, and locals engage in joyous celebrations.

The Dang Darbar is another major cultural event that takes place in Saputara. This festival, held before the Holi festival, is a tribal gathering that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Dangi people. It features traditional dances, music, and a fair that showcases local handicrafts and cuisine.

Local Cuisine

No exploration of Saputara’s local culture would be complete without indulging in the region’s culinary delights. The local cuisine of Saputara is a reflection of the Dangi tribe’s traditional food habits, characterized by simple yet flavorful dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.

One of the must-try dishes is Patarveliya, a savory steamed roll made from colocasia leaves and spiced gram flour. Another popular dish is Ubadiyu, a traditional slow-cooked vegetable and tuber stew prepared in earthen pots. The use of fresh herbs and spices gives these dishes their distinctive flavor.

For those with a sweet tooth, Lapsi, a dessert made from broken wheat and jaggery, is a local favorite. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of seasonal fruits, such as mangoes, guavas, and chikoos, which are grown in the surrounding areas.

Handicrafts and Art

Saputara is renowned for its rich tradition of handicrafts, which are an integral part of the local culture. The Dangi tribe is skilled in creating a variety of handicrafts using natural materials like bamboo, wood, and clay. These handicrafts make for excellent souvenirs and provide a glimpse into the artistic talents of the local community.

One of the most popular handicrafts is the Bamboo Craft, where skilled artisans create intricate items such as baskets, mats, and decorative pieces from bamboo. Warli Art, a traditional form of tribal painting, is another highlight. These paintings, characterized by their simple yet expressive style, depict scenes from daily life and folklore.

Visitors can explore the local markets and handicraft centers to purchase these unique items and support the local artisans.

Traditional Attire

The traditional attire of the Dangi tribe is an important aspect of their cultural identity. Men typically wear a Dhoti and Angarkha, accompanied by a turban known as a Pheta. Women wear a Sari in the traditional Gujarati style, often adorned with intricate embroidery and mirror work.

During festivals and special occasions, the traditional attire becomes even more elaborate, with vibrant colors and decorative accessories. The use of natural dyes and handmade fabrics adds to the authenticity and charm of these garments.

Religious Practices

Religion plays a significant role in the daily lives of the people of Saputara. The Dangi tribe follows a mix of Hinduism and animistic beliefs, worshipping various deities and nature spirits. Nag Devta (Serpent God) is one of the primary deities worshipped by the Dangi people, and many shrines dedicated to this deity can be found in and around Saputara.

Visitors can experience the spiritual aspect of Saputara’s culture by visiting the numerous temples and shrines. The Saputara Tribal Museum also provides valuable insights into the religious practices and beliefs of the local community.

Experiencing Local Culture

For those looking to experience the local culture of Saputara, there are several ways to do so. Participating in a Homestay Program is an excellent option, allowing visitors to live with a local family and experience their way of life firsthand. This immersive experience includes traditional meals, participation in daily activities, and interaction with the local community.

Guided Cultural Tours are another way to explore the cultural heritage of Saputara. These tours often include visits to tribal villages, participation in local festivals, and workshops on traditional crafts and cuisine.


Saputara’s local culture is a rich tapestry of traditions, customs, and artistic expressions that offer a unique and enriching experience for visitors. From vibrant festivals and traditional dances to delectable cuisine and intricate handicrafts, the cultural heritage of Saputara is a testament to the enduring spirit of the Dangi tribe. Whether you are exploring Saputara Tour Packages or specifically looking for Saputara Tour Packages from Ahmedabad, immersing yourself in the local culture of Saputara will undoubtedly add a memorable dimension to your visit.

Discover the cultural richness of Saputara and create lasting memories as you explore the heart and soul of this enchanting hill station.


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