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Organizing Your Time With The UCAT

The UCAT (College Clinical Fitness Test) is a fundamental necessity for those wishing to seek a lifelong in medication or dentistry in the UAE. It is a difficult test comprising five segments that evaluate an up-and-comer’s mental capacities and decisive reasoning abilities. Yet, what numerous understudies battle with isn’t the substance of the test yet, overseeing UCAT timing per question successfully during the test.

Using time effectively is one of the most basic abilities expected to expert the UCAT Exam. It isn’t just about responding to questions rapidly yet additionally about strategizing to augment your score.

Ways To Oversee Time In The UCAT:

Here are a few top methods for dealing with your time during the UCAT test


1-Practice, Endlessly Practice!

One of the best ways of dealing with your UCAT time is to rehearse, practice, practice! This test is planned, so you really want to work rapidly and proficiently to address whatever number inquiries as would be prudent in the distributed time.


By rehearsing with test questions and planned UCAT practice tests, you can get a feeling of what amount of time each segment requires and where you might have to get a move on.


2-Grasp The Organization Of The Test

One more key to dealing with your time during the UCAT 2023 is understanding the test design. There are five segments to the UCAT, each with an alternate time limit. Realizing what amount of time each part requires and the number of inquiries you can expect in each segment can assist you with arranging your time all the more.



Total Questions

Est. Time

Verbal Reasoning

44 Questions

21 minutes

Decision Making

29 Questions

31 minutes 

Quantitative reasoning

36 Questions

25 minutes

Abstract reasoning

50 Questions

12 minutes

Situational judgement 

69 Questions

26 minutes


3-Improve Your Understanding Abilities

One of the greatest life hacks during the UCAT is to further develop your understanding abilities. The entries in the verbal thinking segment can be long and complex, so perusing rapidly and actually is vital.


One method for further developing your perusing speed is to work on perusing different texts, including papers, scholastic articles, and books, during UCAT preprations. You can likewise take a stab at examining the section for key data as opposed to perusing each word.


4-Read The Inquiries Before The Entry

An incredible method for saving UCAT time is to peruse the inquiries before you read the section. This will provide you with a feeling of what data you want to search for, so you can peruse the section all the more effectively. You can then return and find the particular data you really want to respond to the inquiry.


5-Learn And Utilize Console Alternate Routes

Utilizing UCAT number cruncher console easy routes can save you a great deal of time during the UCAT 2023. For instance, you can utilize the “control” and “F” keys to look for explicit words or expressions in the section. You can likewise utilize the “tab” key to move between answer decisions. Work on utilizing these alternate ways before the UCAT test to productively utilize them.


6-Watch Out For The UCAT Clock

During the UCAT 2023, it’s essential to carefully utilize your time. You would rather not invest an excessive amount of energy on any one inquiry, as this can eat up valuable time that you want until the end of the test.


All things considered, center around responding to however many inquiries as could reasonably be expected, regardless of whether you need to figure on a couple. Assuming you’re using up all available time, it’s smarter to continue on toward the following inquiry than to stall out on one inquiry.


7-Practice UCAT Area Explicit Timing Systems

Each part of the UCAT demands an alternate time usage methodology. For instance, the verbal thinking segment expects you to peruse rapidly, while the dynamic area expects you to painstakingly investigate each inquiry. Make a point to work on timing techniques for each part before the test, so you’re ready.


8-Don’t Stall Out

One of the greatest UCAT time killers is stalling out on an inquiry. In the event that you wind up spending over a little while on an inquiry, now is the ideal time to continue on. Try not to allow one troublesome inquiry to keep you away from noting the other inquiries in the part.


9-Make Shrewd Theories

In the event that you’re using up all available time during the UCAT, it’s smarter to figure than to leave an inquiry unanswered. Nonetheless, it’s essential to insightfully surmise. Take out any response decisions you know are erroneous, and afterward make a reasonable deduction in view of the excess decisions.


10-Remain On Track

Remaining on track during the UCAT is essential for dealing with your time actually. Ensure you’re very much refreshed and all around took care of before the test and enjoy reprieves assuming you want to. Remain fixed on the main job, and don’t get occupied by different considerations or stresses. Watch out for the clock and your brain on the inquiries.


11-Express Farewell To Hairsplitting

The UCAT 2023 is a planned test, and that implies you lack opportunity and willpower to be a stickler. In the event that you’re investing an excess of energy in an inquiry or segment, it’s smarter to continue on and return to it later assuming that you have opportunity and willpower. Recall that the objective is to address however many inquiries as could be expected under the circumstances, not to get each question right.


Taking everything into account, using time effectively is basic to progress on the UCAT. By rehearsing these tips and systems, you can work on your productivity and exactness, allowing you the best opportunity of accomplishing a high score.


Notwithstanding self-practice and time usage strategies, understudies can likewise profit from customized help through our 1-1 UCAT coaching and extensive web-based UCAT course. Our accomplished coaches offer fitted help and direction to assist understudies with recognizing their assets and shortcomings, foster customized concentrate on plans, and accomplish their maximum capacity on the UCAT.


Time Usage Tips For Each UCAT Segment

UCAT Verbal Thinking:

21 Minutes for 44 Inquiries


Verbal Thinking is the principal segment of the UCAT, comprising 44 numerous decision questions. The UCAT time limit for this part is 22 minutes, and that implies you have a normal of 30 seconds to address each inquiry.


To deal with your time successfully, you ought to examine the section to get an outline of the substance and afterward answer the inquiries in view of the data in the entry. Try not to invest an excess of energy on a solitary inquiry and continue on toward the following inquiry in the event that you think that it is troublesome.


UCAT Direction:

31 Minutes for 29 Inquiries


The second part of the UCAT is the Dynamic segment, containing 29 inquiries that should be addressed in 31 minutes or less. This part requires decisive reasoning and intelligent thinking abilities.


To deal with your UCAT time really, read the inquiry stem first and afterward dissect the data given in the situation.


UCAT Quantitative Thinking:

25 Minutes for 36 Inquiries


Quantitative Thinking is the third part of the UCAT, containing 36 inquiries that should be addressed in 25 minutes or less. This segment requires numerical and scientific abilities.


To deal with your time successfully, read the inquiry cautiously and investigate the information given. I’d say it once more, try not to invest an excess of energy on one inquiry and continue on to the following in the event that you think that it is troublesome.


UCAT Theoretical Thinking:

12 Minutes for 50 Inquiries


The fourth part of the UCAT is Dynamic Thinking, and it contains 50 inquiries that should be addressed in 12 minutes or less. This part requires the capacity to distinguish examples and connections among shapes and images.


To deal with your UCAT time actually, examine the examples rapidly and continue on toward the following inquiry assuming you think that it is troublesome.


UCAT Situational Judgment:

26 Minutes for 69 Inquiries


The last segment of the UCAT is the Situational Judgment area, which contains 69 inquiries that should be addressed in 26 minutes or less. This segment evaluates your capacity to make good decisions in speculative circumstances.


To deal with your time really, read the situation cautiously and recognize the central points of interest rapidly. Utilize the positioning framework to focus on the arrangements and select the most appropriate response in light of the positioning framework.

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