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Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying an MBBS in Russia

Are you contemplating pursuing an MBBS in Russia?

This is a preference that has power advantages and downsides.

We’ll observe the blessings and disadvantages of pursuing an MBBS in Russia in this article to help you in making a knowledgeable decision. 

Affordability is one of the essential benefits. Russian clinical universities provide some distance lower training than those in lots of different international locations, which draws college students on a good budget. An extra benefit is the calibre of education. Russian scientific colleges are known for producing relatively proficient physicians and are known globally for their exceptional requirements in scientific schooling. 

Nonetheless, there are hazards to analyzing overseas. As most Russian colleges only offer education in Russian, language barriers can be an extensive impediment for foreign places students.  Getting used to a brand new way of life and manner of existence can be hard as well. It’s also essential to bear in mind the degree’s accreditation and popularity, as positive nations may also have precise needs. 

Furthermore, for individuals looking for less expensive, splendid schooling, pursuing an MBBS in Russia can be a splendid alternative. But earlier than deciding, it’s vital to cautiously remember the advantages and downsides.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Russia

Here are some key advantages of studying MBBS in Russia along with details on high-quality education and globally recognized degrees:

  • Advantages:

  1. Low tuition fees compared to Western countries. Highly affordable.
  2. English-taught programs are available at most top MBBS colleges in Russia.
  3. High standard of medical college in Russia with world-class infrastructure and facilities.
  4. Opportunity to experience Russian culture and travel across regions.
  5. Possibility to get residency and settle permanently after completing education.
  6. Degrees recognized by WHO and eligible for USMLE/PLAB exams.
  • High-quality education:

  1. Practical training begins from the first year with supervised lessons in hospitals and clinics.
  2. A high faculty-to-student ratio ensures individual attention and quality teaching.
  3. Rigorous curriculum with emphasis on both theoretical and clinical knowledge.
  4. World-leading professors guiding education and research in their respective domains.
  • Globally recognized degrees:

  1. Russian medical degrees are acknowledged by MCI, ECFMG and the European Commission making graduates eligible to practice worldwide.
  2. Top universities ranked in various world university rankings like QS, and Times Higher Education.
  3. International accreditations like Erasmus Mundus for cross-border academic quality assurance.
  4. With high standards and global recognition, MBBS in Russia is a promising option for international students.

MBBS Colleges In Russia for Indian Students

The World Health Organization, the Indian Medical Council, and other significant regulatory bodies have approved the top medical schools in Russia for Indian students. Furthermore, Russian institutes offer excellent facilities for medical demonstrations. For students who live off campus, there is still another option. Living away from a dorm is expensive. In prestigious MBBS programmes, Indian students also enjoy exceptionally high student-to-instructor ratios. To make it easier for international students to grasp the courses and to encourage more students to enrol for MBBS in Russia courses, these universities provide the entire curriculum in English.

Here are a few of the most well-known top MBBS colleges in Russia that accept Indian applicants:

  1. State Medical University of Bashkirstan
  2. Crimean State University of Medicine
  3. Federal University of Kazan
  4. University of Volgograd State Medicine
  5. Orel State University of Medicine
  6. Belgorod State University of Medicine

How to Apply for Admission to Russia

  1. For Indian students, applying for an MBBS overseas is not difficult. An application must be submitted with transcripts from grades 10 and 12.
  2. A registration fee may or may not be assessed by certain educational institutions. Following the submission of the primary application form, candidates will receive an email with confirmation from the relevant university.
  3. Candidates will also receive an admissions letter from the university verifying their enrollment within two weeks of being chosen. One primary criterion for selection is “first come, first served.”
  4. According to the ministry, an applicant needs to proceed to the following stage upon receiving a visa invitation letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  5. When you obtain your visa, we will provide you with the original documents, which will include your passport and travel information.
  6. Documentation needed for admission: Documentation such as grade 10 and 12 certificates/mark sheets, NEET result sheets, six to eight coloured passport-size images, and proof of identity (a driver’s license, PAN, or Adhar card)
  7. Every student must have a passport to apply for admission to any country.
  8. If you have all of the previously indicated documentation, please submit your application as soon as possible.

Requirements for Qualification for Admission

  • In Russia, a minimum of 50% of senior secondary school coursework is required for enrollment in MBBS programs. Biology, Physics, and Chemistry are prerequisite subjects for 10+2. 
  • Despite this, certain concessions have been granted to SC, ST, and OBC applicants about their age and percentage of marks. 
  • To be eligible to apply to Russian medical universities, candidates must have passed the NEET exam. 
  • A valid scorecard is not necessary for the English proficiency test.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students

While there may be some benefits to studying MBBS in Russia, there may also be drawbacks for Indian students to take into account. Here are some things to think about:

  • Language Barrier: 

Russian is the main language of teaching in Russian medical universities. Lack of proficiency in Russian may make it difficult for Indian students to understand lectures, interact with peers and professors, and obtain study materials. English-medium programs may be available at some universities, however, enrollment may be restricted and costs may increase.

  • Distance from Home: 

Due to Russia’s geographic separation from India, students studying there may feel more physically cut off from their support networks and families. Some students may find this separation emotionally taxing, especially if they depend on their families for direct support while they study MBBS in Russia.

  • Cultural Differences: 

For Indian students reading in Russia, acclimating to a new lifestyle might be very tough. It can also take some getting used to cultural versions in terms of meals, customs, traditions, and lifestyle; this can result in loneliness and homesickness.

  • Acknowledgement and Permits: 

To exercise medication in India, Indian college students who’ve finished their MBBS in Russia ought to bypass the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE), which is administered with the aid of the MCI. In preferred, medical colleges in Russia for Indian students who studied in remote places had a decreased FMGE bypass price than those who studied domestically. It’s important to not forget the problems in passing the FMGE and obtaining a license to practice in India.


If you decide to pursue medical observe foreign places, we can also assure you that you will be made to feel quite welcome. With so many options to be had, choosing a quality MBBS abroad may be tough. Our objective is to provide admission to Indian college students for MBBS in Abroad, letting them similarly their studies while travelling. We wish to assist students in each manner we will while they pursue their scientific training. Navchetana International Education is committed to assisting Indian students in reaching their purpose of enrolling in an MBBS college abroad, but we can. 

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